Chile’s Pinilla gets tattoo showing crossbar shot miss in loss to Brazil

No soup. Better get a tattoo.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla will never forget the shot he drilled off the crossbar in 119th minute of Chile’s round of 16 match against Brazil, a contest Chile ultimately lost in penalties to the host country. Now, anyone standing behind or alongside a shirtless Pinilla will not forget it either.

On Monday night, Pinilla had a tattoo artist ink an image of the brutal crossbar doink onto Pinilla’s lower back, forever memoralizing (barring expensive laser removal) what nearly was, with the text below, "One centimeter from glory." It’s a portrait of self-torture. If that miss came in the finals I imagine Pinilla might have gotten an entire back piece with the bonus text "You are the worst!" Take a look.

[H/T Metro]