Marshawn Lynch uses Skittles to train for football season

Skittles are no longer merely a reward for Marshawn Lynch for a job well done on the field.

Apparently, the enigmatic Seahawks running back also uses the rainbow candies to train for the season.

In this 30-second spot (above), we learn that Lynch LITERALLY trains with Skittles.

Reporter: How much do you bench press, Marshawn?

Lynch: Oh, I don’t know, six-thousand skittles?

Obviously, that’s a fictional conversation. Lynch doesn’t speak with reporters. Back in January, in probably the most logical athlete endorsement arrangement ever, Lynch inked a deal with the candy maker (Skittles is made by Wm. Wrigley Jr. company).

Lynch and his mom have called the sugary blasts "power pellets" since he began eating them on the sidelines when he played at the Pop Warner level.

[H/T Rovell]