Marian Gaborik gets buried by Zamboni ice in freezing Ice Bucket Challenge

Marian Gaborik (12) of the reigning Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

Bruce Bennett

With due respect to everyone who’s taken a bucket of cold water to the dome in the battle against ALS, NHL players are clearly the best at the ice bucket challenge.

And by best, I mean the most creative, in light of Paul Bissonnette’s action-movie-esque, glacier water and helicopter and speedo-enhanced challenge.

This latest video by a hockey player comes courtesy Kings’ winger Marian Gaborik, who lay on the ice (alright, alright, he did put down a piece of cardboard) and took a man-size dumping of frozen scraps straight from a Zamboni. 

Gaborik must have experienced a different sensation than that caused by the traditional ice water bath. I don’t want to find out, but I imagine it was that horrible numbed tingle like when you pack a few snowballs with bare hands in the winter.

Meanwhile, nobody from Los Angeles knows what that feels like.