Manny Ramirez’s new contract gives him unlimited sushi and lets him skip practice

It came as a surprise when Manny Ramirez signed with an independent Japanese team in January, but maybe it shouldn’t have. Apparently, Manny’s contract has a few perks that make the move a no-brainer.

Ramirez’s deal with the Shikoku Island League’s Kochi Fighting Dogs, according to the Boston Globe, includes the following four provisions:

1) Ramirez will have use of a Mercedes and driver; 2) Practices are optional for him; 3) He’ll get a hotel suite on the road; and 4) He will receive unlimited sushi for the entire season.

He’s also free to jump ship for the Japanese major leagues if the opportunity presents itself, but let’s get back to the important stuff—Free sushi! Optional practices! You can lure over plenty of major leaguers with terms like that. 

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