Manchester City’s third kit is horrendous

Manchester City is playing Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday, but despite all of the intrigue—Pep Guardiola facing Barcelona, two elite clubs meeting each other, several world-class players sharing a field—we're having a hard time focusing on the actual game. 

Why? We keep getting distracted by Manchester City's uniforms. 

You probably don't associate orange with Manchester City, but the team's alternate kit for this season is a horrendous fusion of orange and dark blue, neither of which are primary colors for the squad. The color scheme would make sense for the Netherlands, perhaps, but the pattern is objectively awful. It looks like a bad sorbet. 

Nike released the design in September, and the team wore them in the League Cup match against Swansea City last month. But wearing them in a Champions League clash against Barcelona is a different level.  

We can't believe the always dapper Pep Guardiola allowed his team to commit such a fashion crime. 

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