Man cracks open 155 walnuts with his forehead, smashes world record

Mohammad Rashid puts on a smashing good show. 

This one was, um … a no brainer.

Mohammad Rashid just set a new world record for walnuts cracked against the head in a minute (yes, there is a record for that) at the Punjab Youth Festival in Pakistan. 

Rashid smashed a migraine-worthy 155 walnuts in a 60-second span, not just breaking the world record, but shattering it: The previous record was just 44 walnuts, held by USA’s Ashrita Furman in New York City in January 2013.

According to the Guinness site, Furman also "wrapped a single layer scarf around his head to protect his skin." 

But delicate protective head coverings are for last year’s records, as this video shows. Rashid pounded his walnuts raw (though whether or not this distinction comes with a bottle of ibuprofen remains to be seen):


Apparently, it’s a good time for setting new head-banging world records. Last month, Khursheed Hussain from India just, erm, broke the 2008 Guinness standard for fastest nose typer by pounding out 103 characters in 47 seconds:

Way to get your head in the game, guys. 

Thanks to The Big Lead for sharing