This is how people across America are celebrating National Madden Day

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman covers Madden 15. 

EA Sports released Madden 15 on Tuesday, which may explain why your typically healthy 18-to-40-something co-worker suddenly fell ill with the flu or West Nile Virus or some ailment that will create a roughly 36-hour window for him to play the game until he crashes from a cocktail of Red Bull, beer and exhaustion.

Buzzer sifted through Twitter to take the pulse of Madden Day. Here’s what we found.

This guy is the best.

Historical perspective and thoughts on man.

Say hello to some guy giving thumb up at a Target. Nice call by Target adding Doritos to the display, but why is it all located in front of the women’s undergarments section?

Now here’s what NFL players are saying. 

Thoughts on food, preparation and relationships.

Enjoy the day, fellas. Remember to change your underwear.