Basketball courts collapse at high school in Los Angeles

Two outdoor basketball courts at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School cracked and collapsed into a "man-made water collection basin," according to school officials, who are adamant that this isn’t a sinkhole.


"The most important thing to point out is this is not a sinkhole. A sinkhole implies that there’s some unknown factor and you don’t know how far it’s going to go," Hovatter said. "We know exactly what this is, and how far it can go."

Whether or not this damage qualifies as a sinkhole is up to your interpretation, but school officials fortunately expected this day was coming, and took precautions to make sure no one was on the court at the time it collapsed. 

"In January, officials noticed the pavement on the basketball courts was "cracking" in the area of the man-made hole, Hovatter said.  They predicted that it would settle and immediately fenced the area off.

"There was never a danger to any students," he said."