DeAndre Jordan situation leads to emoji war, funny memes, tweets

Nothing says "it’s on" quite like grown men who make millions of dollars going back-and-forth on Twitter in a heated emoticon battle.

News leaked on Wednesday that DeAndre Jordan was having second thoughts about leaving the Clippers and signing with the Mavericks. Doc Rivers reportedly was in Texas to meet with the center.

This caused Dallas forward Chandler Parsons to get the ball rolling with a tweet that implied he was going to fly to the Lone Star State and talk to Jordan.

Clippers guard J.J. Redick, who lives in Austin, Texas, quickly retaliated and let everyone know that he can just get in his car and drive over to see Jordan.

Blake Griffin saw the action heating up on Twitter, but he was on vacation in Hawaii.

However, the longtime Clipper couldn’t help but jump into this Twitter battle and implied he would helicopter back to the States to see Jordan.

Chris Paul then joined the fray with this emoticon tweet that referenced the banana boat ride he took on Tuesday with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

The Warriors then came out of nowhere to deliver an absolute haymaker.

To which Jordan responded in kind. 

And then Kobe Bryant got on board with his own one-two punch. 

To which Bryant follower Roger Federer, himself an avid emoji user, couldn’t resist. 

Many other people besides players for the Clippers and Mavericks had fun with the news that L.A. coach Doc Rivers was making a pitch on Wednesday to Jordan to remain in L.A.