Fascinating documentary gives brutally honest look at world of pro League of Legends

(Note: video contains profanity.)

The sixth season of professional League Of Legends just concluded with South Korean powerhouse SK Telecom T1 capturing their third world title in front of a packed Staples Center crowd in Los Angeles. eSports, and League of Legends in particular, have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with a handful of different games supporting international leagues and hundreds of professional players, and fans follow their favorite teams just as passionately as sports fans in Cleveland and Chicago are following the Indians and Cubs in the World Series.

Professional League of Legends had a humble beginning – the Season 1 World Finals are unrecognizable compared the spectacle that just unfolded – but the stakes have been raised considerably as the game eventually became the most popular eSport and the world and money flooded the scene. For the teenagers and young adults skilled enough to play at the highest level, the pressure is immense. Team Liquid, one of the biggest eSports organizations in the world, released a shockingly unguarded and fascinating documentary called Breaking Point that shows the real-life struggles pro eSports teams face day-to-day. Even if you're only vaguely familiar with League of Legends, it's a must-watch.

It's especially interesting to compare Breaking Point to the CLG documentary of Season 2, when League was still in its infancy comparatively.