Kristaps Porzingis viciously swats, dunks on crying Knicks fan from draft night

Kristaps Porzingis finally got his revenge on that little kid who cried and booed when the Knicks selected him on draft night last year.

At his basketball camp over the weekend, where he totally smoked some small opponents on the court, Porzingis was matched up one-on-one with Jordan, the crying Knicks fan.

And, well, he swatted him into tomorrow. Then, he drove by him and dunked. Porzingis freaking owned this little kid.

Dream of a lifetime playing against my idol @kporzee

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That should be the end of this kid, unless KP decides to invite him to another game, or the kid gets drafted by the Knicks and he decides to heckle him.

– Kenny Ducey

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