Kyle O’Quinn has the NBA’s most interesting timeline

If you need to kill some time this weekend, take a look at Knicks forward Kyle O’Quinn’s timeline. It’s better than The New York Times crossword.

O’Quinn used to tweet like all of us, but last week he began to tweet in a confusing code. As of Nov. 11, he’s been forming sentences with what appears to the be only the first letter of words. It’s super-confusing, and super-captivating. You’ll spend hours staring at these tweets.

OK — that was just a sampling, and there’s a ton in there. O’Quinn responded to a fan’s questions about the tweet, appearing to say “you would not know!!”

They continued on Nov. 13:

Then, he appeared to be going back to normal for a few days. 

But on Nov. 17, he went back to the cryptic tweets in a long run.

Other than “up down” and “good morning,” does anyone have a clue as to what these mean? This is such a great time-waster.

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