Nice crib: Kings forward Kyle Clifford puts his baby in the Cup

Baby pictures can be so embarrassing when the parents dust off the albums years later.

Though Kyle Clifford’s son Brody may give Dad some props for these pictoral gems when he gets older.

Shortly after the Kings defeated the Rangers 3-2 in double overtime on Friday night, the celebration was on. And Brody was in – the Cup that is.

Check out this photo below:

Kyle Clifford and family are all smiles after the Los Angeles Kings win the Stanley Cup.

Born during the Kings’ first-round series win over the Sharks, Brody Clifford seems as unflappable as his pops and his teammates when trailing in the third period. He doesn’t even look impressed here:

And to top it off, Clifford decided it was time to phone home on the ice, too.

This dude can multitask.