Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Sarah Maria Paul; Kardashian puts squeeze on Tristan Thompson

I try and keep Hot Clicks a mostly Kardashian-free zone but I am in awe of the mind games Khloe is playing with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. She recently told The Evening Standard that she would say yes if he proposes to her. What the hell is that? Now he basically has to propose or get tagged with the dreaded “he can't commit” label. That family is so manipulative. Tristan, if you're reading, just cut your losses and move on.

I was never a big Tony Romo fan and don't quite understand why he got his own Make-a-Wish Night in Dallas, but here's what you missed. He showed off his basketball skills with this sweet move during pregame warmups, got introduced with the starting lineup and jokingly tried to enter the game late in the fourth. I'm not usually a grumpy old man here but it all seemed very unnecessary and self-indulgent. What did you think?

Duke sent a cease-and-desist letter to Smack Apparel, which has been making t-shirts about Grayson Allen tripping opponents. The shirt is pretty great, too.

Sarah Maria Paul is an actress, model and the perfect way to start your Hump Day. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Meet San Jose State running backs coach Alonzo Carter, who used to be M.C. Hammer's coordinator (and still has the U Can't Touch This dance down cold). 

Not sure why three-year-old Audrey wanted a poop-themed party, but mom delivered.

Twitter is 10 years-old and Ellen DeGeneres still has the all-time most popular tweet.

Jimmy's column is becoming a must-read. I can't stop looking at Jose Ramirez's hair … Safe to say Toronto is excited for the NHL playoffs to start … I guess we now know who the NFL's biggest Michael Jackson fan isStephen A. Smith does not want golfers to get along … John Daly doesn't need a tee. He has a beer canCelebrities have started to weigh in on the United Airlines controversy … Wendy's is getting some great publicity for its otherwise nondescript chicken nuggets … Here's the trailer for Stephen King's new TV series The Mist.

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