Kentucky governor bets bevy of booze Wildcats whoop Wisconsin

What's Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got coming his way should the Badgers beat the Wildcats in the Final Four? A whole lot of booze, courtesy of Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.


After a rough season that failed to meet up to lofty preseason expectations, few expected the Kentucky Wildcats to make much of a run in the tournament.

According to the report, the Kentucky bourbon basket, created by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association from half of a Maker’€™s Mark barrel, includes Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Bulleit Bourbon, Four Roses, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Town Branch along with bourbon-related glassware and apparel.

Yowza! That’s quite a haul.

"The Badgers season has been un-BO-lievable," Walker said in a press release. "With two great teams and great fan bases, this game will be one for the record books. Under the leadership of Coach Ryan and with the exceptional talent of all our players, the Badgers have the momentum and skills to tame the Kentucky Wildcats and move onto the final. On Wisconsin and go Bucky!"