Watch young girl take horrifying spill down Rupp Arena stairs as dancing man loses control

A well-known "Dancing Man" (real name is Darren Moscoe) at University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball games introduced a dangerous move during a performance Tuesday night that ended very badly. Specifically, the man collapsed while carrying a young girl down the Rupp Arena stairs and dropped her onto a railing and concrete steps.

Watch the disastrous moments in the video up top and check out a couple alternate angles below as captured by horrified onlookers sitting nearby.

Fortunately at the end of the video, the girl gets up looking mostly unscathed, save for some flashbacks she may have have during her sleep the next few nights.

Joking aside, the girl reportedly sustained only superficial abrasions according to UK police Chief Joe Monroe, who said Moscoe was also fine to return to his seat.