Kelly Slater’s bizarre tribute to Gene Wilder sparks backlash

American actor Gene Wilder passed away Tuesday at the age of 83, prompting an outpouring of solemn tributes for the longtime icon of the stage and screen.

Most of these remembrances were nice and cogent thoughts about the man whose portrayal of Willy Wonka touched an entire generation.

Then there was pro surfer Kelly Slater’s tribute. Which was a whole other thing.

Yeah, that’s Slater’s face over Gene Wilder’s face…in the Willy Wonka outfit.

Some people found it a bit odd.

I’m not an expert in mourning—and granted, everyone grieves differently. I just don’t know if Photoshopping your head onto the guy who just passed away is considered typical fare.

Dan is on Twitter. R.I.P. Gene Slater.