Watch: Katt Williams was just playing soccer with kids before one choked him out

You’ve seen the embarrassing video of Katt Williams getting choked out by a kid after sucker-punching him. But how the hell did it ever come to that?

It started innocently enough, with Williams playing soccer with kids.

A video posted to YouTube shows Williams playing with the kids —€” pretty seriously, but it’s still just a game, without any violence or confrontations. However at one point, you can see Williams talking trash with one of the kids playing —€” a boy in a pink shirt, black shorts and blue shoes. (WARNING: Strong language)

Williams walks away from the game but the talk continues and the boy follows him. Williams sits down against a building while still talking trash to the boy, who taunts him to get up, baiting him into a fight.

Williams gets up and face to face with the boy, then punches him and gets taken down and choked out by the boy before people intervene.

"As a community y’all let a lil broke boy do that to a celebrity!" Williams scolds the crowd, which appears more concerned for him than the boy, who’s told to leave by the adults.

"I’m just trying to show other celebrities why they don’t come to the hood no more," Williams says. "It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s that they know (expletive) will happen."

Fellow comedian Red Grant posted a nine-minute video that shows Williams playing soccer with the kids but ends just as the trash talk picks up.

Williams, who’s out on bail after two recent arrests on assault and drug and weapons charges, could have his bail revoked, as TMZ reports that authorities are investigating the incident, which occured in an Atlanta housing project where Williams was visiting kids and passing out money.

Social media had a field day: