Requirements for being an MLB back-up mascot, mascot assistant

Kansas City Royals mascot 'Sluggerrr' needs a fill in.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Chances are you probably haven’t spent very many waking hours wondering what the life of a baseball mascot is like.

We’re here to tell you that mascots actually have backup performers and assistants. At least that’s the case with Royals mascot Sluggerrr.

Kansas City’s MLB team has posted job openings for both positions and the requirements are quite amusing.

Those looking to become Sluggerrr’s assistant must be comfortable with "maintaining the condition of his costume." They also need to "stand for long periods of time and carry up to 40 pounds."  

For those interested in pursuing the backup gig, the requirements get a little more difficult. A sampling from the job posting:

* Must be creative and understand non-verbal acting and communication

* Must be between 6′-6’4" tall

* Must be in a physical state that allows you to perform under extreme conditions

Yes, you have to be in shape to become a backup mascot.

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