Watch this juggler showcase some of the best basketball trick shots ever

I had never heard of Josh Horton before today, but apparently he is “a world-class juggler” who has appeared on a variety of television programs — including the “Ellen DeGeneres” and “Steve Harvey Show.” Neat!

He’s also apparently really awesome at basketball trick shots, as I’ve learned in the past half-hour. You’ll have to watch the video embedded above if you don’t believe me.

If we’re being honest here, some of these juggling routines legitimately broke my brain as I tried to follow them in real time. I would feel guilty if I didn’t at least throw that out there as a warning.

Trick-shot videos come a dime a dozen these days, but some of these displays were crazy impressive, so I have to give my new friend Josh some serious credit. I’d like to see Dude Perfect match some of these.

(No, I wouldn’t. I’ve had enough of you, Dude Perfect.)