Harrison: ‘Once I knock (Norman) out,’ I’ll give him iced tea

(L-R) The war of words continued between Panthers cornerback Josh Norman and NBC studio analyst Rodney Harrison.  

George Gojkovich/Getty Images

To put it mildly, Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman has taken issue with Harrison’s position that while Norman is the best corner in the league right now, Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is a superior physical being who would get the best of Norman all things being equal (i.e. if Matt Ryan wasn’t playing poorly). Norman has said that Harrison "is horrible at his job."

Norman and Jones did battle on Sunday when Norman held Jones to only four catches for 33 yards (on six targets, per ProFootballFocus) in the Panthers’ 38-0 thrashing of the Falcons.

"Last night I got about 8 and a half hours of sleep" Harrison said. "I don’t give a damn about Josh Norman or what he has to say about me. I don’t give a damn about Josh Norman and what he thinks about me. He’s playing football. Everything that he’s trying to do, I’ve done. I’ve been All Pro. I’ve played in Super Bowls.


"If he wants to use [Harrison’s position on Julio Jones] as motivation, that’s fine," Harrison said. "I hope he goes on to have a successful career. I want to see young men make it. I want that. I don’t hate Josh Norman and I don’t care what he says. And yes he’s misinformed about the information that he’s talking about as well.

"So It doesn’t matter to me. That’s the thing that he doesn’t understand. And like I said if he wants to make it personal, I’m not afraid of Josh Norman. We can always buckle up in the boxing ring and have a match and once I knock him out, then I’ll get up and give him a cold ice tea."

Sign up The Buzzer for a few ringside tickets if this ever materializes. It would almost certainly be more entertaining than Mayweather-Pacquiao.

As for Norman, it seems he’s doing exactly what Harrison has suggested: using the slight or perceived slight as motivation:

"You can insult my intelligence if you like," Norman told Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer. "You can even insult my little puppy. But please whatever you do, don’t insult my talent level."

"If he has anything he wants to say to me personally," Harrison said. "I will give him my number. I will meet up with him.”