Jon Stewart calls out WWE’s Seth Rollins after ‘Daily Show’ slam

Jon Stewart is in the ring for a gig ... but not one you'd expect.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spike TV

Forget Brian Williams’ anchor seat on "NBC Nightly News." Jon Stewart appears to be the bigger target as he prepares to exit "The Daily Show."

Stewart, get ready to take on WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

The back-and-forth began when Rollins declared on "RAW" that he could do anything — even become President, or take over for Stewart on "The Daily Show" … "and make that thing actually watchable."

Ooh, burn. Stewart, not one to back down in a fight, took up the gauntlet and responded with his own promo. Check it out.

Did you hear that, Rollins? One-hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite. Or, rather, wood. Soft wood (balsam). 

Rollins responded on Twitter:

He then came back with a promo on TMZSports (the response starts 1:45 into the video):