Fan who vowed free beer for us all if Sam sacked Manziel: ‘I messed up’

Yes, offering free beer 'for everyone in the world' forever would require a lot of money.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Before Saturday’s preseason game between Sam’s Rams and Manziel’s Browns, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @SquareKnight posted what he may have thought was a harmless promise.  

It was bold, we’ll give him that:

Of course, that play — involving two of the most-talked-about NFL rookies of all time — actually ended up happening in the game. And yes, Sam flashed Manziel’s trademark "money sign."

Here’s the proof:

Clearly, "free drinks for everyone in the world, forever" is a bet that pretty much no one could honor, and the enormity of the mistake was not lost on @SquareKnight:

So it seems highly unlikely that your favorite watering hole will soon become an open bar courtesy of this fan’s bet. But to his credit, it sounds like he’s still determined to do a good deed:

Apparently, Sam himself was listening because he made a suggestion for a much better use of @SquareKnight’s funds: