Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Gigi Paris; This 92-year-old gymnast is my favorite gymnast

Move over Simone and Aly, you've been replaced. Meet Johanna Quaas, the 92-year-old gymnast who is busting out cartwheels, headstands, and working the parallel bars like it's 1948 again.

Edmonton Oilers fans complained about long bathroom lines and the organization decided to remedy this by converting two women’s restrooms into men’s restrooms for Game 3 last Sunday. This did not go over too well with their female fans. And my email address is if you want to point out the irony of me calling something sexist two items above the Lovely Lady of the Day

In honor of Star Wars day, here's what happens when Star Wars and sports intersect.

Gigi Paris has passed Gigi Hadid and currently sits at No. 1 in my Gigi power rankings. You should consider making this change in your rankings as well. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

The Eagles now have one of the most dangerous defensive duos in football.

Florida high school student Brenda Sierra had a little leftover fabric from her prom dress so did what any other rational person would do. She threw it out created a matching dress for her dog. 

Thanks to our friends at Money, we found out about this Maytag appliance month-long promotion that can get you up to $700 in rebates. Starting now and running through May 31, if you purchase two or more of Maytag home appliances at a retailer like Home Depot, you can can get rebates worth $100 to $700. 

I love this idea of NHL rivals settling their differences with a game of Mario KartTony Romo is going to try and qualify for the U.S. Open … A reminder to Oilers fans: Don't pee in the street … Bombay Sapphire gin has been recalled across Canada for containing too much alcohol … The best ads of 2017 (that you haven't seen yet) … Drake did not get that adult movie star pregnant (according to Drake) … You can no longer buy Skippy Peanut Butter in Canada … Liam Neeson found the Vancouver sandwich shop offering Liam Neeson free food, and he collected.

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