Joe Maddon invited for cameo on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: ‘It’ll happen’

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was invited to make an appearance on the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm but was unable to make the shoot due to a scheduling conflict.

Jeff Garlin, one of the stars of the hit HBO series, is a big Chicago Cubs fan and has previously mentioned his hopes to get Maddon on the show. Maddon has also asked Garlin when Larry David, the show's creator and star, would come out to a game.

The two sides agreed to a date before the shooting date changed.

“I couldn’t make it,” Maddon told reporters. “It was the day we had to the gig over at the Biltmore. So I don’t know how we’re going to figure this out going forward. First they had one day set up and it was going to be good. But then they had to change it to this other day and I was not good. So maybe if it’s even a picture on the wall or a phone call or something.”

“It’s disappointing, but I guess they didn’t start shooting until later and there was one day,” he added. “There was one match up and I couldn’t get there. It’ll happen.”

The new season started filming in November. The new season's debut has not been announced yet.

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