Never-ending ‘Is Joe Flacco Elite?’ debate swallows Earth whole with televised sign

Joe Flacco is an NFL quarterback.

Thursday’s FOX News Republican presidential primary debate featured 17 candidates answering hard questions during the cocktail hour session and on prime time, but none of them had to grapple with the most vexing question of all: Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

The mind-numbing "elite quarterback" debate has plagued football commentary for a number of years now. Ravens QB Joe Flacco has surpassed Eli Manning as the IS HE ELITE bubble boy mainly because (1) he scored a large contract (2) he has won a Super Bowl and (3) his regular season statistics don’t stand out.

One of the most prominent voices mocking the "elite" debate is @PFTCommenter, who hilariously did this Thursday evening:

This prompted a number of humorous and perhaps also earnest responses:


[Bless your heart, PFTCommenter]

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