Jeanie Buss looks to wow ’em with women’s wrestling organization

Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

As President of an NBA team, Jeanie Buss spends much of her time wrestling with decisions about the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, she has decided to tackle decisions about wrestling.

Buss is tag-teaming with David McLane to recreate WOW, Women of Wrestling, a new version of an old show that caught on decades ago as GLOW.

While the first show will be at Los Angeles’ Belasco Theatre on Sept. 29, the ultimate goal is have WOW knock ’em out on TV and the Internet.

The Los Angeles Times caught up with Buss recently.

Buss had some interesting takes on why she is adding the squared circle to her basketball responsibilities.

What is your personal connection and why do you feel it’s important?

It’s women resolving their own issues, not running to a man to save them. That’s an important message for young women to see. You have to handle conflict and face your detractors. There’s an element of dealing with bullying in our society. We have wrestlers from different backgrounds, and they are wonderful role models for young women.

What is your specific role?

I let the wrestling professionals create their product, and I get to come and watch it and enjoy it. I really don’t have input into the characters or what happens. I’m financially backing it. I’m a fan, and I can tell you who my favorite characters are.

In five years, where would you like to see WOW?

I’d like it to be a touring company, with merchandising and broadcast. And that the girls will become household names, that they will be stars. Because they deserve to be stars.

And it doesnt seem like Jeanie Buss will become the next Stephanie McMahon and get involved in the action. She’s content leaving that to the performers.

"No, I never have (wrestled)," she told the paper. "But I’ve always been a promoter with an ability for entertainment and selling tickets".

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