Little boy asks English footballer if he’d ever been bitten by Luis Suarez

Uruguay forward Luis Suarez puts his hand to his mouth after his teeth collided with with Italy's Giorgio Chiellini.


Retired defenseman Jamie Carragher made an appearance Wednesday at a charitable event when a young soccer player asked an important question about Carragher’s former Liverpool teammate Luis Suarez. 

"Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!" the kid shouted before he got Carragher’s attention. "Did you ever get bitten by Luis Suarez?"

Carragher did not confirm or deny whether Suarez had, in fact, bitten or attempted to bite him.

"You’ll be a YouTube sensation, mate!" the cameraman correctly told to the kid before Carragher smiled and walked away, possibly for fear of getting bombarded with more hard questions from smart-alecky youngsters. 

Now a member of Barcelona, Suarez, who inspired a million zombie-infested memes after biting Italy’s defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup in June, insists that his biting days are over.

Promises, promises. Stand ready, people of Photoshop.

[H/T Next Impulse]