James Dolan brought a binder full of talking points to his big radio interview

Knicks owner James Dolan made sure not to forget what to say in an interview explaining what happendd with Charles Oakley.

Dolan’s afternoon radio spot with Michael Kay was also televised, and cameras revealed the fact that Dolan, as he explained why Oakley is banned from Madison Square Garden and tried to personally control the team’s message on the matter, was reading from notes, presumably reminders.

Oakley was banned indefinitely from the team’s arena following an altercation with security during Wednesday night’s game. Oakley and Dolan have long had a publicly poor relationship. 

Dolan also stood by the team’s statement that Oakley needed help, implying with his comments that Oakley may have problems with alcohol, in a rather unfounded manner. He said Oakley was “in denial” and had a problem.

The immediate reaction on Twitter was predictably frosty.

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