Late-night host James Corden learning how to hit a baseball will make you laugh

It’s safe to say that "Late Late Show" host James Corden hasn’t had much experience playing baseball.

Which isn’t unusual since Corden hails from the United Kingdom, where baseball isn’t that big.

That didn’t stop Corden, however, from taking some swings at a recent Los Angeles Angels game.

The CBS talk show host recruited two Angels coaches for some hitting tips, and to teach him the finer points of America’s national pastime.

So Corden got lessons on how to do a bat flip, the art of the "bum pat," grabbing his crotch, spitting, dealing with the crowd and more.

All those things provide very funny moments, but the real hilarity ensues when Corden actually tries to hit.

He even asked, "Why don’t you play with a softer ball?" after getting his first hit.

What really drives the bit home, though, is Brit Corden’s self-deprecating humor.

Not to spoil anything for you, but you should watch the video just for the way he ties in New Jersey govenor Chris Christie.