Jaguars create ‘standing encouraged’ sections, ask others to sit down

Fans seated with bags on their heads during a game at EverBank Field on October 20, 2013, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Recently, the Jacksonville Jaguars member relations team sent a letter to fans in a specific section of EverBank Field advising against excessive standing. The solution is a pair of nearby "Standing Encouraged" sections, coupled with general human decency.

Here’s what the missive said (emphasis added; check out the full letter here):

Of course the suggestions in the letter are perfectly fair. Fans make a social contract when they take their seats, though most times fans are reasonable enough to converse and shift around in a respectful manner without intervention or letters like this.

Do team staffers there feel Floridians have a low fan IQ, or are incapable of directing traffic on their own? Recall the Miami Heat’s "Fan Up" campaign

Not to mention that the obvious, unintentional comedy here is the flow of the Jaguars’ season thus far. The 0-and-2 team has the Colts coming to town for its home opener after gettng decimated by a pair of NFC East teams for six consecutive quarters. Doesn’t look like fans will have much to stand up for this season, although bafflement can cause a rise, too. 

The fan code of conduct doesn’t say anything about laying down and crying.

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