Is the ‘Tony Romo Curse’ a real thing?

Poor Tony Romo.


If you haven’€™t noticed, the Cowboys quarterback gets blamed for a lot of things that he has no control over.

If Romo cheers for a team, that team will eventually lose and fans will say it’s Romo’s fault. The lastest instance came Monday night after the Mavs lost to the Spurs … with Tony Romo in attendance.

The hashtags #RomoCurse #CurseOfRomo & #BlameRomo all trended on twitter and received more mentions than the NBA’s official hashtag for the Spurs-Mavs series.

There is no way to actually prove that a "Romo Curse" is real, and we aren’t at all indicating that it is true, but we have seven instances in the last year alone. So we’ll let you decide.

Check out the video above and let us know if you think the "Romo Curse" is a real thing.