Insane ending to high school basketball game features three back-to-back buzzer-beaters

Every year, scores of basketball games from every level end with buzzer-beaters. It doesn't really matter how many you've seen — they never really get old.

With that being said, this sequence from a recent high school basketball game in Nebraska is on a whole new level of crazy.

It features Blair and Waverly high schools trading buzzer-beaters in the final seconds of a tie game. There are three buzzer-beaters to be exact, but only one of them actually counted. The first one, from Blair, was overturned due to the shooter being fouled just before launching the prayer. The second one, from Waverly, came after a player stole an inbounds pass, but it too was overturned because Waverly called a timeout before the shot was taken.

But the third time turned out to be a charm. Waverly inbounded the ball downcourt and put up a quick a three-pointer just before the horn, drilling it and winning the game in stunning fashion.

One buzzer-beater is fun, but three in a row — with two coming from very deep on the floor — is just insanity.