If you sense Maria Sharapova is feeling selfie-conscious, here’s why

When the average Joe or Joanna goes out to dinner, they might get asked by a fellow patron to pass the catsup or steak sauce.

Maria Sharapova is no average diner — we know, "Duh!" — so it’s probably no surprise the requests she gets are a bit different.

This one, though, was pretty far out there.

Sharapova tweeted an image of an iPhone and slip of paper that arrived with her dinner check — and a request that she take a selfie and scribble an autograph. No matter that the international tennis star is one of the most photographed athletes on the planet, someone just had to land that very special digital keepsake.

Sharapova couldn’t look much more confused than if Serena Williams showed up for their potential Australian Open with a bag of golf clubs rather than tennis rackets.

As of yet there’s no word of what Sharapova decided to do with the fan request.

If she wanted to be a super good sport she could have obliged and maybe even located the owner of the phone to join her for the selfie — which would have really made the admirer’s day.