Hunter Pence calls out girlfriend for inappropriate ‘goosing’

Hunter Pence and girlfriend Alexis Cozombolidis seem to have a very special, loving relationship.

We know this, in fact, because the couple made a very sweet YouTube video in which they expressed just what it was that they loved about each other. 

But we’re not here to focus on the lovey-dovey stuff. We’re going to focus on the video the pair made earlier where they discussed what they found annoying about the other.

While running down some common significant other complaints (clothes on the floor, not putting things back, etc.), Pence called out Cozombolidis for something totally inappropriate.

We’ll allow Pence to explain:

"She’s literally always trying to, we call it, goosing. She’s always trying to goose me at all times. No matter what I’m doing, she’s trying to like credit card my butt, finger me in places she’s not supposed to, like stick it in there. If I’m taking out the trash or bent over to get the trash or doing anything, she’s always going to poke me where you shouldn’t be poking anybody."

You really have to watch Pence passionately describe Cozombolidis’ sneaky maneuver to get the full effect, so we’ve cued up that part for your viewing pleasure.

"Sometimes I’ll be trying to open the door with my hands full, being the gentleman I am, and our door is kind of tricky to open, and I can’t protect it. I’m like crazy ticklish there. It makes me jump. I can’t handle it.

"On the contrary, though, I’m definitely more way more aware at all times. I’m like on the guard. It’s tough for her to goose me now. Before I go to bend over for everything, … I know where she’s at and I’m watching her."