Hockey player deliberately shoots puck into opposing bench, sparks brawl

A minor league hockey player’s season has come to a premature end thanks to a dangerous and unsportsmanlike incident during a recent game.

Jason Price, defenseman for the Knoxville Ice Bears of the Southern Professional Hockey League, was suspended from the remainder of the season after appearing to deliberately fire a shot into the opposing team’s bench late in a game last Saturday.

The puck struck and injured a Huntsville Havoc trainer on the bench, causing Huntsville players to go after Price in retaliation. This sparked a brawl on the ice.

Price was forced to eat some blows from an opposing player while turtling. Hockey etiquette says players shouldn’t throw punches while the other guy is down on the ice, but apparently the code is null and void once you unleash a wrister at the other team’s bench.

The Huntsville player was eventually peeled off of Price, who was escorted off the ice following his ejection.

With Price off the ice, referees attempted to restore order and work out discipline for both teams. They seemed to be making progress until — seemingly out of nowhere — the two goalies apparently decided they felt left out and decided to square up.

Following the game, the SPHL ruled that Price had intentionally shot the puck into the Havoc bench and elected to suspend him for the remainder of the regular season (10 games) as well as the entirety of the playoffs.

According to the Havoc, trainer Jason Lopez was struck in the ear by the puck and still hasn’t gotten 100 percent of his hearing back.