Hockey parents get 3-year ban for locker-room fight

It’s another edition of parents behaving badly, hockey-style.

Parents of an 8-year-old hockey player from Winnipeg, Manitoba have reportedly been banned from attending their son’s games for three years after getting into a postgame brawl.

The mother allegedly stormed into the locker room, yelling at the opposing team’s coaches. As they tried to escort her from the room, her husband went after them.

That, according to Monte Miller, the executive director of Hockey Winnipeg, is when punches were allegedly thrown in front of the eight-year-old players.

It’s the stiffest penalty ever handed out by Hockey Winnipeg, the city’s minor hockey governing body.

"Certainly new for Winnipeg, but based on the circumstances and the information that we’ve gleaned through the investigation, I felt that we needed to take a strong stance on the issue," Hockey Winnipeg president Don McIntosh told CBC News.

The parents, who have not been named, are appealing the three-year ban.