Hockey fan climbs over glass and runs around the ice like a madman

Fans hopping barriers and invading the playing surface of sporting events is most frequently seen in sports like baseball, football and soccer. Far less frequently do you see someone brave enough to climb the glass in a hockey rink and take their chances on slippery ice.

But that’s exactly what one fan did during Wednesday night’s OHL contest between the Mississauga Steelheads and Guelph Storm. During the Steelheads’ 11-3 rout of the Storm, a guy decided to go for glory and make his way onto the ice.

After an initial spill, he regained his footing and took a glorious lap around the rink in front of a very sparse crowd in attendance. Amazingly, nobody really tried to stop him, either. Referees had players clear the ice and basically let the guy wear himself out. Eventually, he did, and then they escorted him off the ice. Welcome to Canada.

For what it’s worth, the players seemed to highly enjoy the antics.

I’m not sure if they throw you in jail for this kind of stuff north of the border, but either way it was probably worth it. That’s a local hero if I’ve ever seen one.