His loss, our gain: Fantasy league loser forced to make humiliating photo calendar

Some fantasy leagues have all the fun. A guy named Henry Stern lost his league and had to create an embarrassing photo calendar as a visual reminder of his failure as a fantasy player. 

But Stern’s loss turned out to be our gain, as the fantasy league player had fun with his sentence and produced 12 brilliantly photoshopped, hilariously awkward recreations of famous images. 

Like this homage to Prince Fielder’s ESPN Body issue cover: 

Brandi Chastain’s triumphant World Cup moment:

George Costanza’s feral photo shoot from "Seinfeld": 

Check out the entire year (including Henry’s witty-disturbing-funny takes on Miley Cyrus and Chris Farley’s Chippendale on "Saturday Night Live") on Stern’s Instagram account

Thanks to Deadspin for sharing.