High schoolers pull off one of the classiest acts of sportsmanship you’ll ever see

True sportsmanship was on full display when Trinity Classical Academy and Desert Chapel High School faced off Saturday in a title game.

Forget March Madness. Forget the runup to the NBA playoffs.

His Trinity teammates immediately get the ball to Howell after the in-bounds pass for an open look. The opposing Desert Chapel Eagles realize it and appear to be almost cheering on Howell themselves.

"We saw him come on the court and everyone giving him a standing ovation, and he probably hadn’t scored in his life," Desert Chapel senior Taner Alvarez tells The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. "Why not let him score in the biggest game of his life?"

Once Desert Chapel in-bounds the ball, Alvarez gives it right back to Howell and even directs him to the basket. After a few more tries, Howell sinks his first bucket with 20 seconds remaining on the clock. The crowd erupts, Howell hugs his teammates, and just like that our faith in the power of sports is restored.

"To see how this team, who doesn’t know our school, certainly doesn’t know Beau, to see the way they responded was such an incredible blessing," Howell’s mother, Megan, tells The Valley Signal. "They had the opportunity to be disappointed and focus on themselves. It was a hard game for them, but they immediately responded in a beautiful way."

"That will always be in my heart," Alvarez tells The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. "That kid scoring and for me to give him that shot felt pretty cool."