This high school softball pitcher may be the world’s scariest dodgeball player

As “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” will tell you, teenage girls should be taken seriously when it comes to dodgeball. The movie shows these girls can strike fear into the hearts of grown men — especially when they’re aided by three different anabolic steroids and a low-grade beaver tranquilizer.

The most fearsome teenage dodgeball player on the planet may be the 15-year-old softball pitcher seen in the video above. The setting appears to be a friendly game of dodgeball in a high school gymnasium. Though really, it may as well be a crime scene with the ruthlessness of which this girl picks off her opponents.

Between the quickness of the delivery and the velocity of the ball coming out of her hand, none of these other girls ever stood a chance. It’s just pure annihilation.

The most enthralling — yet also concerning — part of the video (aside from the cameraman’s endless maniacal laughter) is the thud of final throw as it’s buried into the gut of the girl wearing the No. 47 shirt. You can almost feel that one just watching from home.