Here’s a funny tale about Tyron Woodley and his prized snow globe at UFC 205

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

I was in New York City last week to cover UFC 205 for our digital show @thebuzzer and thought I’d share a fun story from the week involving welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Covering the UFC is a blast because most of the fighters have great personalities, will say almost anything (which helps their brands and helps build anticipation for their fights), and, besides their ability to destroy other humans with their hands and feet, most of the fighters are just good people.

Woodley is definitely one of those fighters. If you follow him on Twitter or Instagram, you know he likes to have a little fun.

Last Wednesday, FS1’s “UFC Tonight” shot its show at a trendy food/drinking establishment just outside of Madison Square Garden. A bunch of fighters on the UFC 205 card came through to make an appearance on the show and then I got a few minutes with them for stuff we were doing for @thebuzzer.

Middleweight champ — and “UFC Tonight” co-host — Michael Bisping handed out fun little New York City-themed gifts to each fighter. They were more gag gifts than anything else. At the end of his appearance on the show, Woodley received a tiny NYC snow globe from Bisping. It was one of those cheap things you’d see in any NYC gift shop.

Woodley, who I’ve met and interviewed a few times in the past, made his way over to me for out interview. I had to ask the obvious question: Is that the worst gift you’ve ever received?

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

If you didn’t watch the video above, the gist of it is this: Woodley said he respected the thought of the gift and that he’d keep it. I told him he’d lose it by the next morning. He said no way and that he’d walk into the Octagon with it.

Fast forward to Saturday at Madison Square Garden. Woodley battled Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in a five-round slugfest that would earn “Fight of the Night” status. First, it was announced by Bruce Buffer that Woodley had won the fight. Then, during Woodley's interview in the Octagon with Joe Rogan, Buffer got back on the mic and said there was an error and that the fight was ruled a majority draw.


Woodley retained his welterweight title, but was emotional after Buffer made the correction.

He went backstage and did his interviews, where he seemed drained from everything that he had just been through. Here’s a photo I took of him drinking water while wearing his belt and watching the Conor McGregor-Eddie Alvarez fight on one of the backstage Tvs.

Then about 15 minutes later, Conor made history, won his second belt and, due to a snafu, the UFC asked Woodley if they could bring his belt out to Conor so that McGregor could have two belts over his shoulders in the Octagon.

Double ouch.

It was a long night for Woodley. He did more interviews and, I thought, left the building.

At 3:15 a.m. I was sitting on folding chair in bowels of Madison Square Garden socializing some of our remaining videos when I heard someone yelling, “Hey Buzzzer! Hey Buzzer!”

I looked up and about 10 feet away, standing behind the ropes that marked off the media work area, was Tyron Woodley.

His right eye was swollen.

But there was a sly smile on his face.

His right hand was open and raised to about chest high.

And in his palm was … the snow globe.

And then, just like that, he was gone.