Here’s Ryan Lochte about to dive into a roughly 10,000-calorie meal

Lochte is better at swimming than thinking.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a problem that many Americans experience in reverse: he has to consume enough calories to keep up with the amount that he burns. 

If you don’t recall some of Lochte’s fantastic interviews from the London 2012 Summer Games, go ahead and take a stroll back down memory lane when the U.S. star unleashed such gems as "I love swimming because (pause) racing."

Anyhow, the 11-time Olympic medalist tweeted a picture showing a humongous meal that he was apparently about to devour. 

Several outlets have previously examined Michael Phelps’ high-calorie diet but now we get a look at Lochte’s. 

It looks like a huge container of grilled chicken, several servings of asparagus, a massive pile of macaroni and cheese and some mystery food on the side. He says it’s 10,000 calories but I’m not so sure Lochte is good at numbers so let’s just say it’s an awful lot.