This backflipping 2-year-old might be a future Olympic gymnast

A two-year-old boy from Iran named Arat Hosseini already has 378,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. 

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Arat needs all his fans to join together and support him by introducing his page to the whole world. Follow us at @arat.gym for more. This little boy needs every support he can get so this post adresses all his fans from different countries. 🙏 Arat does his complex moves with all his heart to give inspiration and positive vibes to you can do him a favor by introducing him so he doesn't feel lonely on his path. Thanks. Thanks for translation @Sahar_h712 . براي حمايت از آرات لطفا همه طرفداران با هم متحد بشيم و صفحه او را به همه دنيا معرفي كنيم. اين پسر كوچولو به حمايت همه نياز داره، همه طرفداراني كه از تماميه كشورها وجود دارند. وقتي آرات با تمام وجودش حركتهاي سخت ورزشي را انجام داد تا به خيليها انگيزه و انرژيه مثبت بده شما هم با معرفيش ميتوانيد كمكش كنيد تا خودش را تنها حس نكند. ممنون. @arat.gym

A video posted by Arat hosseini • hero • Awesome (@arat.gym) on

Arat’s parents regularly post videos of their son, who turns three in September, performing flips and feats of strength with ease. 

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