A tribute to Gregg Popovich’s brilliant in-game interviews

Gregg Popovich + reporter = must-see TV.

Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

Gregg Popovich has become an Internet darling because he makes something out of the useless in-game interview that he is required to do by the NBA.

You know the drill by now. Reporter asks generic question, coach gives standard answer.

Not Popovich, though. Instead of giving standard answers, he gives the most honest, blunt and short responses possible.

The good reporters now get the routine and have become part of "The Gregg Popovich Show."

This happened Tuesday night, when Popovich showed zero interest in talking to TNT’s David Aldridge (as usual). Aldridge, though, rose to the occasion and asked Popovich if he wanted the results of the New Hampshire primary. That led to his phenomenal moment.

"Where do you see your team coming up with stops?"

"How did you think your team played in the first quarter?"

"What are your objectives as far as LeBron is concerned?"

"How happy were you with shot selection?"

"How do you turn LeBron James into a perimeter player?"

"What happened offensively in that period?"

"What are you asking for from your defense on LeBron James?"

BONUS CLIP: Popovich let his guard down once, when TNT’s Craig Sager returned to the sidelines after battling cancer, and it was awesome.