Packers G Josh Sitton: ‘I’d have rather not even made the playoffs’

"Anytime you feel like you should have won, it’s tough to get over," Sitton said. "And when it’s the last one, it’s very difficult to get over. You feel like it’s a waste of seven, eight months. What’s the point of getting this far? I’d have rather not even made the playoffs."

Sitton may feel differently in a week or a month, or maybe never. The loss was torturous, particularly for Green Bay’s offense which didn’t even get a chance to step onto the field in overtime.

And it’s not only a loss but a bitter ending for the Packers heading into the inevitable offseason shuffing of players.

“It sucks walking in [to the locker room] and seeing everybody packing up their stuff,” Sitton said. ”We’ve been hanging out with each other for a while. There’s going to be a lot of people who aren’t going to be on the team – a lot of people we can’t pay. This team, I don’t think we can be this good for a while. It’s going to be tough, anyway.”

[H/T Ty Dunne]

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