Gordon Ramsay’s grilling tips for a perfect Fourth of July BBQ

Chef Gordon Ramsay is here to help you knock your Fourth of July BBQ out of the park.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd

So it obviously goes without saying, that as a general rule, we’re generally dedicated to sports here at the Buzzer. Look around, watch our videos, check out our posts and that all becomes pretty obvious.

At the same time, we’ve all got interests outside of sports as well, and for many of us, one of those interests includes cooking. Well, "cooking" might not be the right word necessarily, since for many of us think of "cooking" as firing up the grill, throwing the biggest piece of meat on there we can find, and inviting a few friends over to indulge in the splendor of it all.

At the same time, no matter how experienced you might be as a grill master, there are still times where we can use a helping hand. Especially with the Fourth of July right around the corner. So we called on an experienced professional to dish out some advice.

And when we say professional, we mean professional.

As in fellow FOX family member Gordon Ramsay, internationally renowned chef and proprietor of several of the finest restaurants you’ll find anywhere on the planet. 

You obviously know Ramsay from his fine work as the host of the hit reality TV shows "Hell’s Kitchen" and "MasterChef" in addition to his Michelin stars. But as it turns out, the Scottish Ramsay likes a good old-fashioned American backyard barbeque as much as the rest of us.

Despite his British background, Ramsay was nice enough to give us some well-seasoned tips prior to USA’s Independence Day holiday on how to cook grill the perfect steak, why a charcoal grill is better than gas — and his secret post-dinner exercise plan.


1. My guess is that pretty much everyone reading this will either be using a charcoal or gas grill for their cookout. Which do you prefer? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?  

2. Whether most of us care to admit it or not, as guys, we measure a significant amount of our self-worth on our abilities on the grill. What is the biggest mistake you see most people make when grilling?

3. Give us one quick piece of advice on cooking a juicy steak:

A flavorful hamburger:

A soft, tender piece of chicken:

4. Are there any rubs, sauces or condiments that are essential for a successful barbecue?

5. Cookouts aren’t just about the meats — they’re also about the side dishes, too. What is your favorite side dish (potato salad, pasta salad, etc.)? Give us one tip on how to prepare it.

6. Now on to dessert. By the time most of us get through the main course, we rarely have much room for much else … but we always end up grabbing some anyway. What is your favorite light, yet enjoyable, summer dessert and why?

6. Finally, the most important question: When the meal is all done, are you more of a bocce or a badminton kind of guy?  

Aaron Torres is a show writer for Fox Sports Live and a contributor to Foxsports.com. Follow him on Twitter @Aaron_Torres.