Giants, Mariners make Twitter wager over NFC Championship Game

The stakes for Sunday’s NFC Championship Game have officially escalated to unprecedented proportions.

San Francisco and Seattle’s baseball teams — absent a rivalry on the diamond thanks to the Draconian practice of separate leagues — have decided to stir the pot by engaging each other on Twitter.

The Giants and Mariners’ official accounts went at it Friday, with a couple quick back-and-forth jabs ending in a saucy wager that is sure to excite children and probably a few other people too.

It all started with this rather innocuous tweet from the Giants, touting 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s baseball skills:

The Mariners pounced all over it, reminding the Giants that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is something of a baseball player himself:

The Giants then let loose a total zinger:

After a period of mysterious silence from the Mariners, the Giants decided to suggest a bet:

The Mariners accepted the challenge and dragged poor Giants mascot Lou Seal — who has already had a really trying year — into the mix:

The Giants fired back with the same "your mascot does thing that our star player is known for" principle:

Terms accepted:

And voila. We have ourselves the tamest bet in the history of the Internet. You can watch the game Sunday on FOX, starting at 6 p.m. ET, to see who pulls out this thriller.