The Giants’ group performances are starting to get out of hand

The New York Football Giants are 7–3, which has loosened the mood around the team, almost a bit too much.

The team’s receiving corps—Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz, in particular—have been especially uppity of late. Now, we all know Beckham has a knack for dancing, but it’s been his supporting cast that has really made an appearance in 2016.

Back at the beginning of the season, Shepard posted an Instagram video of a rather basic, yet cool, handshake that he and ODB had cooked up.

Then, last, week, they unveiled a group dance of sorts to Migos’s “Antidote” that took place before the game:

Okay, a little over the top, but just a one time thing, right?

Nah. Check out what happened on Sunday. Beckham and Shepard turned their cool little handshake into a freaking five-man pregame routine.

At least we know now what this team does in the off-season. These performances are just a bit too good for a group of professional football players.

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