Giants coach Ben McAdoo used that kangaroo punch video to inspire his team

NFL coaches showing their players videos of bloodthirsty animals before a big game is the oldest trick in the book. No one ever said Giants boss Ben McAdoo was the hippest guy in the league, though. 

With the Giants facing the Cowboys on Sunday night in one of the biggest games of the season, McAdoo turned to that familiar trope, showing his players a video of a lion eating another animal. He also showed them that video that’s gone viral recently of a guy punching a kangaroo in the face. 

The story behind that viral kangaroo punch video is better than you realize

Australian punter Brad Wing, who’s surely seen his share of kangaroos, was asked what McAdoo’s point was. 

“Just to not be scared, I think that’s what he was going for with that one,” Wing told the New York Post. “Just to rise to the opportunity and just kind of react, just play without thinking too much.”

The Giants are totally going to lose this game, aren’t they?

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